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Feb 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
republicans could not agree on a debt ceiling deal, the obama administration proposed what was known at the time as a compulsory trigger to force spending cuts if both sides couldn't agree on a deficit reduction plan. it was meant to be so awful that no one would let it happen. hill republicans essential signed off. the president signed it. both sides guessed these automatic across the board spending cuts we've now come to know as sequestration. the new deadline for the cuts is the end of the month. and there is no deal to stop it. we keep hearing how bad it will be. one day a weak furloughs for up to 800,000 civilian pentagon employees. friday the navy is expected to announce it will postpone the repair of almost two dozen ships, threatening tens of thousands of jobs in virginia alone. and those repairs? >> if we don't do that, we are sending a ship out in harm's way that may not be as fit to fate as it should be. >> so here's how we avoid it. >> reporter: virginia's tim kaine is among senate democrats proposing an alternative, a $120 billion deficit reduction plan half in spending cut
Feb 15, 2013 4:25am EST
ceiling negotiations. it was to happen only if lawmakers fail today agree on reducing the nation's debt, something that has not happened yet. >>> last night senate republicans blocked the nomination of chuck hagel, the president's pick to be the next defense secretary. they are demanding more details from the white house on the daily raid on the u.s. consulate in libya last september and also want more time to look into income that hagel failed to disclose during confirmation hearings last week. republicans say they will not block an up-or-down vote after they get back from vacation in 10 days. >> i think that that is a sufficient period of time to get answers to any questions and i think that senator hagel after that period of time deserves a cloture vote and an up-or-down vote on his nomination. >> president obama says republicans are playing politics with national security during wartime and says hagel will eventually be confirmed. >>> coming up next on fox 5 morning news, warmer weather, the crack of the bat, you can almost smell spring around the corner, coh, yeah. baseball time. it's almost here. the nats are stepping up to the plate down in florida getting r
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
time the debt ceiling comes up trying to leverage that, making sure the president can't pass anything else, that we don't get past that debate unless they get their way i think the american people want us to get past that. the debt is very important but you can't have the same fight that's disruptive every six months. >> woodruff: congressman collins how do you see that? >> i think what we've got to do is look -- of course we represent everyone. in our districts and everyone in our state but more importantly everyone in our country. what we have to understand is we fight for the principles we ran on, we fight for the principles we believe in this country from an economic standpoint make us great. what we've got to understand here is many times these issues that divide us also can bring us together but it's not going to be one from bringing up the same old thing and to respond to the point of republicans, it's also been a theme of the democratic party as well to go back to taxing certain classes of people and that was another thing expressed the other night and very much of a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)